Projects  is reinvesting 1% of all global marketplace partner sales towards housing projects through One Percent For a Roof, and hopes to inspire others in the corporate housing industry to take part in this exciting project.

Together we can make a significant difference in empowering entrepreneurs while developing sustainable housing projects in impoverished and remote areas. When multiple big players are involved, everyone benefits!

Take a look at the several families One Percent For a Roof has already helped below.


Amarelisa Virginia from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

A loan of $400 helped to buy construction materials, such as wood and nails.

The construction of 33 years old Amarelisa’s wooden stilt house started off quite slow. She, her husband, and young child got by on her husband’s carpentry skills, but in the city of Bilwi, but without nails and wood, she wasn’t getting very far. Now, she can fulfill her dream of providing her family with a beautiful home.

This loan is special because:

It empowers rural women.


Maria from Quintana Roo, Mexico

A loan of $1,425 helped to give her children a complete house they can grow in and feel proud of.

Maria and her family have been living in a one bedroom house in Quintana Roo for 14 years. But with two small children, construction is needed to build an extension. Maria leaned her mother’s recipe for breadmaking and has been selling the bread to pay for construction materials, but it is a very slow process. We we’re able to provide the family with the loan they needed to live comfortably and let their children grow in the space they need. Now the family can afford to add two extra bedrooms to their home.

This loan is special because:

It helps families to affordably build their own homes.

Lucía from Solola, Guatemala

A loan of $750 helped to buy construction materials

Lucia has been working on her family home for some time, but due to the high cost of construction materials and low wages, it was not completed. She was living in an uncompleted home. Our loan got her the construction materials she needed to finish the construction of her home and thereby offer her family a much better quality of life.




Johana from Matagalpa, Nicaragua

A loan of $500 helped to buy stone, sand, cement and other materials.

Johana is 33 years old. From a young age she used to watch her mum on a sewing machine, making clothes for her and her younger siblings.

Then Johana asked her mum to teach her, and this tuition was the legacy that her mum left her. She makes sheets, bed linen and curtains and also provides a clothing repair service.

With the aim of giving her family a better standard of living, Johana is requesting a loan to rebuild her bathroom. With the loan she is going to buy stone, sand, cement and other materials that she needs for the construction. In the future she wants to continue to work with Kiva and MiCrédito to invest in her business.

This loan is special because:

It helps communities protect themselves from diseases spread by poor sanitation.

Jhondra from Waspam, Nicaragua

A loan of $350 helped to build wooden walls and a floor.

Jhondra is a member of the Miskito people of the town of Waspam and the single mother of a minor wants to have her own home. So she is requesting a loan to build her home out of stilts and wood, because as you can see in the photo, she presently has only been able to build the frame.

She needs to add the wooden walls and floor. She will use this loan to buy wood and nails and pay for labor. Her dream is to have a beautiful and safe home.

This loan is special because:

It empowers rural women.