Being a global leader of providing high-end temporary housing, CorporateStays.com seeks to have an impact on the housing communities of the world, no matter what their incomes are.

That is why CorporateStays.com founded One Percent For A Roof as a one-of-a-kind initiative for corporate housing providers to give back, in an effort to help families in under developed countries who lack access to proper housing.

Through One Percent For a Roof, CorporateStays.com has begun reinvesting 1% of all marketplace partner sales towards housing projects in impoverished areas, and in turn hopes to inspire others in the corporate housing industry to take part in this exciting project.

Corporate housing companies like CorporateStays.com understand that a home is so much more than just a roof over your head. Clients can take advantage of our luxury apartments, and benefit from their unparalleled guest service, while also giving back to those less fortunate.

Join One Percent For a Roof and make a difference in the world while travelling for business.